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A6 - Prof. Dr. Juri Rappsilber

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A6: Structural basis of translation control in eukaryotic 80S ribo-somes by phosphorylation of eS6

As part of the SFB 740 we aim to determine the mechanism by which eS6 phosphorylation influences target-mRNA selection of ribosomes. As further reaching hypothesis we will probe if and how translation is governed by eS6-tail modification patterns (or a simple on/off mechanism), i.e. if there is a ribosomal equivalent to CTD control of transcription or the histone code hypothesis. This would highlight a similarity of regulation between translation and transcription and have huge impact on our understanding of translational control. Moreover, with quantitative cross-linking/mass spectrometry (CLMS) and high-resolution CLMS we introduce technologies to protein assemblies that will allow probing a broad range of mechanistic questions in other research projects of this consortium, specifically Project A4, M. Wahl, Project B5, T. Sommer and Project C7, O. Daumke.

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